About Us

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Hackett's Discount Drugs, in Carthage, TN, is the area's leading pharmacy serving Carthage and surrounding areas. We offer compounding medicines, medical equipment, pharmacy and more. For all your pharmacy needs, visit Hackett's Discount Drugs, in Carthage.

Our Staff

April Bush, PharmD

Campbell University College of Pharmacy

Courtney Washer, PharmD

Belmont University School of Pharmacy

Tammy Lafever

Our most experienced technician, has been a part of our team since 1985.

Haley Wilkerson

Our supreme problem solver; if you need something, Haley will track it down for you!

Mary Jane McCallum

As sweet & country as can be, customers come into the pharmacy just to hear her talk!

Kristian White

Our newest addition to the Hackett's family, she is always willing to help out in any way.

Shirley Blankenship

Our beloved bookkeeper, Shirley has also worked with us as a technician since 1999.